Hendrik Wallbaum

Intrapreneur. Webdev. Roleplayer.

Hendrik 2016 in China

JS enthusiast, intrapreneur and passionate role playing games player. I love to spend my live traveling the world and working on ever changing personal projects which you can read more about down below.

After finishing my masters in "Entrepreneurship in digital Technologies" I started to work as an IT consultant with a focus on Frontend development. Ever since I am helping organizations based in Hamburg to realize their technical projects. As an active member of my teams I help out wherever I am needed and have thus been: Enginner, Team Lead, DevOps Engineer, Product Owner and Scrum Master. Allways striving to help my clients reach their goal.

Personally I have allways enjoyed engaging in my community. Early on in School, Church or my Universities student body. Today I engage in organizations on a mission to unleash peoples potential to make meaningful, business impacting decisions and foster cultures that help everyone feel save enough to do their best contribution.

You might enjoy my blog at HoverBaum.net.


You can find a list of talks I have given at: talks.hoverbaum.net.

My Projects

A small selection of personal projects I have indulged in.


You can reach me at: Mail[at]HendrikWallbaum.de.